Why Worry?

We all worry, and we all know that it’s pointless. Yet, we still worry. It feels like we always will. We, as humans, live in what is referred to as “A delayed Return Environment.” What this means is that what we do today, does not always benefit us quickly. I can work very hard at a job but probably won’t get paid for another week, or two. Not getting paid for my hard work that day, would lead to worrying about my paycheck for those intervals between them, even if I did an amazing job today. Our brains are wired for an “Immediate Return Environment.” For example, If I am hungry, I find something to eat and don’t have much time to worry between being hungry and eating.


With anxiety comes worrying. In fact, anxiety pretty much is worrying. I even have anxiety about having anxiety, sometimes. I know what my triggers are and that when I go near those triggers, I will have fear, so I get anxious when I understand that I have to. It’s a vicious circle that takes a very long time to break. We have to realize that worrying does nothing, and take steps to calm ourselves, and not worry. I wrote this because I have not heard from my close friend today, so I am worried about her. This type of worrying I honestly don’t know how to fix, until I get confirmation that she is okay. I am concerned about someone, who I love’s, safety.

I don’t think I can stop that type of worrying, but I am going to continue to work hard on the worrying I can end, and I hope anyone who reads this will, as well. I think that realizing when your worrying is part of it, then doing some meditation, to calm down, when you are able to, could help. Just focusing on the fact that it does no good can help some. For me, wood burning helps. I can completely get into and focus on the task I am doing. Putting some music, which I enjoy, something not too heavy, and just diving into creativity. Writing has also always been a fantastic outlet for me, which is one reason I am writing this. After the coma, I was in and was left unable to talk for close to a year, I was forced to write, and I think that’s when my love for writing poetry arose. Majoring in English was so much fun, until my break down. It taught me that I could write down negative feelings, even turning them into something relatable and positive, is a fantastic way to deal with those feelings. Anyway, I hope that we can all worry a little less in time.

God bless,



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