Forgiveness Leads to Freedom


Forgiveness is essential. Most people, or at least a good majority of people, hold on to hate like it’s a life raft. Forgiveness is often misunderstood. It is not for the person you are forgiving; it is for yourself. It is so that you do not have to hold that anger and contentment inside of your heart. It will weigh you down and keep you from moving forward until you set it down. Forgiving someone does not mean that they did not do something wrong, or even horrible. It says that you are strong enough to move forward and no longer let that person have control over you, at all. You don’t even have always to tell the person that you forgive them, just know that you do. I, personally, dealt with this. I was so angry all the time until I forgave someone of something horrible. After I genuinely forgave them, in my heart, I felt like a burden was gone, and I was able to move forward. Forgiveness leads to freedom, and freedom opens up all kinds of possibilities.

God bless,



2 thoughts on “Forgiveness Leads to Freedom

  1. I completely agree! I, honestly, would have some difficulty believing this post, unless I experienced the peace of forgiving, myself! Thanks for the comment and God bless!


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