Panic Attacks

Panic attack icon design

Panic is when your heart starts to beat so fast that you can feel it in every part of your body, and it seems that your chest is about to burst, due to the pressure. Panic is when you are forced into a situation where you can’t escape a conversation, and your mind runs through every possible adverse outcome, based on what you might say, then you’re unable to say anything at all. Panic is when you feel like you’re a freak, and become jealous of “normal” people who can simply talk to each other, without overthinking, or fidgeting. Panic is when you have so much potential, but that energy stays as potential energy, instead of becoming kinetic energy, all because of fear. Everyone tells you to just get over it, or ask, “what’s the worst that could happen,” as if that should give you a sense of calm. They don’t understand that you have an adverse physiological, physical and psychological reaction to specific stimuli, which they could never comprehend. Panic is when you become depressed, because of not being able to reach your goals or even function. This is when you know that you have a disorder related to anxiety and panic. It is like a shadow. It always follows you. It’s the darkness, even when there is light. It will never go away, but it can be controlled, when you decide to get help, acknowledge it and face it. It’s not fair, but, sadly, some of us need a flashlight.


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