This is a heavy one for me right now. Being open and honest about the problems you have faced, and even conquered, just seems to make people afraid of you, if there is a stigma around it. Having mental issues, which you can’t help, and are under control with medication, means that you are too much of a flight risk to get close to. If you were, or are, an addict, but have been clean for years, you’re still looked down upon. Their eyes look down their noses and see you through disguised colored glasses. It makes it almost impossible, to be honest, and open. These are the things that need to change in society. I knew they were an issue, but never how much of one, until I had it profoundly hugely effect my life. Things and people need to change. I’m working hard to better myself, so why can’t people do the same and try to educate themselves, instead of blindly judging?


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