Ripe and Rotten

apple red

A beautiful, ripe and red, apple hung from a tree. It was the most beautiful apple that you could ever see. There was a rotten apple next to the ripe one and it was jealous of what it thought it could never be. So, whenever he got his chance, he told the beautiful apple that he was ugly and not even good enough to be food for the ants. The ripe apple started to believe what it was being told, but the tree was full of friends who told the apple that it wasn’t true. They sang praises from dusk until dawn, until the ripe apple started to sing along. The rotten apple even began to see that what it said wasn’t good for the tree. His health started to improve, and then it became what it thought that it could never be. He was now a red, and beautiful, apple for all to see.

Sometimes we all need a friend to remind us of what, and who, we really are. Maybe even the rotten people can see that putting other’s down isn’t good for anyone, and it’s not who they are supposed to be. At least, that’s my hope.


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