Half of a Foundation 

It seems like finding a lasting relationship is impossible. My problem is that it seems so hard to find someone that actually communicates their needs, likes, dislikes, etc, so that I can meet them, even to tell me their pet peeves, so that I can try not to do them. Usually, I am told what they like and enjoy doing, but never the things that annoy them. Even though I will never do something negative intentionally, negative is relative, and I am not told their definition of negative. How can a relationship have a good and firm foundation, if we only know how to build half of it? I understand that some things you just have to learn over time by being together, but if it’s so important that you would end a relationship over it, even if it’s tiny to me, I would like to know about it. Something negative, even if it is small, done over and over, is equal to a large negativity.


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