Close My Eyes, Hide Your Smile

I try to be a good man but continually fail. There are days when I wonder what is the point, but then I see you. You’re beauty on legs, and you’ve completely taken over my head. Your the best woman that there is. You’re royalty, the queen of my mind, beautiful and kind, so I sleep until I can’t, just to get a glimpse of you in my dreams because, in them, you are mine.
I’m so sick of the lies and lines. You want a good man? Well, then why pick him? Why would you just sign up to be condemned? You know that he was never even a good friend. It breaks me inside to see you together, but you’re, for sure, two birds, yet, you both wanted a different feather. I would hold your hand with pride. I would pray to God for days on end just so you could have your desires. I would keep you warm, because you turned these embers, inside of my heart, into a giant flame. It dims when you’re gone, and roars when you’re near. Close to you is the place that I always want to be, but I am aware of the slim chances for I. So, I will try not to look at your smile. I will try not to think of your gemstone eyes, which are like looking into a hazel heaven.
You took all of the clouds away, but they came back with friends. I need you here with me so I can feel like I am alive. I need you here, so I have someone to adore. Everytime that you leave, I feel like it’s the end, but when you walk in, I feel the day start to begin. If you didn’t already have it, I would give you my heart.


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