“The Fake and False, Gained and Lost” (Rap, kinda)

Written, and meant to be read, with any fast beat!

It’s always days like today that are the hardest, waking up to the sun, but the world feeling it’s darkest. You see your phone, and the call list, but aren’t doing well and feel defenseless, with too much on my mind to resist this depression. I felt it’d be best I went back to where I feel safest, randomly ranting inside of these pages.

After you watch someone purposefully be a horrible person, people with empathy actually start to think the worlds not working.

Things that are broken can usually be fixed,

but it’s hard enough to change yourself with it full of so much ignorance.

It could very well take forever, but any improvement would be better.

If you focus on the biggest goals, failure is all you’ll see, then stress will come and you help fulfil that prophesy, and the closer you get, the larger and more intimidating it gets.

I always see people who want to fit in so much, but really their girlfriend’s laughing so she doesn’t have to feel shitty, because when he drinks he’s verbally abusive, but she thinks “Well at least he doesn’t hit me, as she believes that all of the beauty she used to haves become reclusive. At least he gives her attention, and she’s not alone where she has to listen to focus on her thoughts that show her only what she’s now conditioned to see, which isn’t the same as you or me. There’s not much help, even if she knew there was some, so all she does is pray that some hero is gonna come, then the next guy that gives her attention is the one, and now she can finally be happy and done,

but really, it’s become where she can’t trust anyone.

If you ever date me, you can call yourself Zack’s girlfriend, but remember that I don’t own you. As long as it’s not someone else, you’re obviously free to do whatever by yourself.

it’s not always understood that you don’t need to be alone,

but sometimes you have to be by yourself to even sing a song.

Cheating is the only thing that I don’t stand for, and I’m including myself, when I say this I’m not a pet store,

Don’t decide you want me then take me back when it was more work than you were in for.

You should know me and that I have issues. If I didn’t, that would be an issue, because my skins probably not real human tissue. And, don’t worry, you’ll know if I accept you. Adoring you will be my favorite thing to do, and even though I know you’re tired of hearing it, I’ll remind you of your benefits

I’ll try to run from pride,

try to repent of anger,

try to stay close to Hope,

But lately, she’s a stranger.

Anytime she is around,

there’s bound to be a mob.

I’m the king of idiots and

She’s a queen of lies,

She’ll help you succeed,

just before you fall

She doesn’t really like me,

and Happiness won’t come around me, at all.


I’ve had my mind looked in as much as I am able, more than anyone I know, at least off of a cold table.

Lately, I don’t know what lane I’m in. One’s an adult and the other’s still a kid.

I’m sick of people saying that they’ll ride or die and never regret it,

but won’t move an inch without first putting on a helmet,

because they know that a few years later the vacations will be over,

savings will be spent,

they’ll be arguing about money,

because neither honestly understand how quickly it was spent.

backs stay turned towards one another,

before long they start to resent,

yelling with anyone present,

like it’s part of their rent.

I’m no captain, so let’s skip this hook.

I have too much to say and not an entire book.

Kids are resilient and strong, but their also like sponges, and

just because you say they’ll never remember, it doesn’t mean you’re not wrong.

I’m relaying what I perceive, not insult, that would have zero positive results

I know it  probably feels like getting your taxes collected by someone who’s never paid them,

but I’ve watched it from below as your best friend yells at your superhero.

I don’t like rap, but I respect lyrics. There’s something I like about using rhetoric to give someone a cathartic experience,

but even if I didn’t,

wait for the next one,

you might need to hear something in it.

Because, we can all act tough, rude and mean;

it takes a stronger type of person to turn around and leave.

You may think that the size of your castle measures your kingdom,

but ask anyone, it’s the happiness of the people.

I know I couldn’t be around you and, with you being fake, not being miserable.

I have no respect for those with a fetish for making women upset or hysterical.

I know that you’re full of yourself, but, before you, I could see that I would rather be anyone else.

I know changing sometimes can’t be done alone, and some people are so full of pride that they won’t accept any help, but there’s some that are stuck screaming and cursing themself.

I wanted to actually make a difference, so I got clean, relapsed and repeated until I finished.

When it comes to staying off of something, your attitude is what makes the difference.

I failed every time, until I had completely made up my mind.

If after reading all of this, you still want to be an ass,

I can show you the door, or be a good host and let you pass out on my floor.

All of us are miserable,

empty and shallow.

It should be appreciated when someone shows us that we’re not hollow.

Just because we feel so badly,

it doesn’t mean that it’s all of your mind’s capabilities.

And that soon this won’t be remedied

It’s locked and you’ve got the keys, but it feels like being underwater and trying to breathe.

If you’re not careful, you’ll walk off of the edge of sanity,

if you focus on every flaw and vanity.

We aren’t meant to be a perfect creature,

if we were, there’d be nothing to learn,

no one to teach us,

no one on the field and too much boredom for anyone still in the bleachers.

I don’t want to be with a woman who is perfect,

I want to be with the one who is perfect for me.

I’ve got a lot of doubt and confidence issues.

So I understand what it feels like when verbal abuse sticks with you. It numbs a tiny piece, and you think it’s missing, because it feels like it keeps digging and and digging, until it’s made a home, tells you that you’re a failure and all alone.

Depression is something very serious,

And some can hide it so well that you’re oblivious,

Do us all a favor and stay away, inhumanitarian idiots.

I know half of you must hate these poems,

but they really did save my life; I owe em’

I intend to pay it forward,

even if some people have to block me or ignore. That’s perfectly fine, go ahead, because this is the only way that someone like me is heard.

I sometimes hate this planet we live on,

and that I may never make a difference

My soul is owed to someone else,

But heart and my words I hope maybe they help.

With love,



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