Selective and Ineffective

My methods are effective at failing,

my mind’s insults like giant ships on waves, carried by magnificent sails

And, it doesn’t just storm, anymore, it hails.

It feels like I’ve hit rock bottom,

But the floor is still farther beneath,

And I can’t feel much more life to reap.

One step at a time is all that I can do,

But it’s still more than you,

And in a little while, I’ll love myself as you do.

I won’t fail this time. I won’t be ineffective at forgetting you.

I have broken trust, wrecked relationships and have left those I care about to rust,

All for you.

Such a waste to waste energy on those who refuse to change,

And somehow it’s me to blame

Well, you will not fail.

You will succeed.

You will not be ineffective, now you leave.


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