No Longer

How hard is it to try and understand?

Read a chapter of a book and learn,

Our intellect based on how we learn

And how much we earn

Sometimes, a pawn kills a king.

I don’t want to be like you,

I don’t to be like any of you.

I want to be myself.


As soon as I think that I am doing pretty well,

Here come you to raise hell.

I know I forgot to call,

And it was reminded to me by you all,

But, all this from a phone call?

Well, I’m sorry that I can’t write code,

Drive well,

“Get over” brain damage.

It was all collateral,

I put myself here and stayed drowning in hell


No longer will I be controlled,

No longer will I hate me,

No longer will you haunt me,

No longer will I not be free.


You are nothing but a concept to me,

The one they studied, poked and prodded,

Waiting for the bigger fishing rod, but, in the night he saw the stars,

He became mesmerized,

Everyone else impressed by his stature.

He turned to look, with a giant smile,

Then a loud noise took his life away

Maybe more than one life could have been saved,

if we realized that even different types of monsters and creatures can feel.

No Longer



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