Open Eyes and Hearts

Sometimes, we look for someone but keep our perception closed to the idea of who we wouldn’t normally give our time to, but that’s the worst thing we can do.The best people in the world aren’t models or body builders, they’re those who stay underneath the radar so far that you don’t remember a face or name, passing by them has become inhumane, because they now believe that you are too good for them, all the same. You were blessed with beauty, and others were blessed with attributes that aren’t as attractive to those not in the deep end of the pool. Maybe someone will get some facetime, but only to be used as a friendzoned tool. I saw your post saying “Ride or Die,” but what until then? “Pass You By?” That’s what will happen to you, if you don’t expand your perception, yet still not making exceptions. You deserve someone who loves you, and vice versa, the whole point of this verse. Take the loneliness and put that effort into building your self-esteem, and being humble, before something comes along that’s painfully humbling.


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