You hide in the shadows and poke people from far below them. Giants are all around your tiny persona. Every choice you have made has been immature. You might grow, but I’m not sure. It’s up to you to walk through that door.
But wait, I forgot that you’re a fake, and I can’t be around you because I’ll end up getting in trouble for the shit you do too. You lost more than you will ever gain, yet accept none of the blame, like a child mad he lost at a video game. Well, it’s all on you. It’s all something that you will eventually regret but can never undo.
Two-faced, hypocrite, liar, headed for the fire, a parasite, an easily won fight, a sickening sight, wrong, you or nothing, I would rather be forever alone. You play the game of manipulation like a song.
How can you not see what you have done? The person you have hurt the most is actually yourself, but pride would keep you from seeking help, absorbed in the self, put to the side on a shelf, never touched again, never again called a friend, never any type of meaningful relationships, the end.
You should have never crossed me because Jesus died on the cross for me, He’s why you’re other side, I can see. It’s blind, broken, bruised and bleeding. Just like my heart, after witnessing so many evil capabilities tear this world apart, turn the sun out, leaving us all in the dark. You claim you’re ready to take on the world. Wait, he’s bored.



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