Crawling to You

I am broken and ripped apart. Is this the end or another start? Is this life, or simply a hellish part? Dreams that never come true are so far away. Your face is fading from view. I am crawling towards you, but I am fading too. Don’t let go. I will fight this battle, as long as my memory keeps you in view. I will finish what we began, and find a way to be okay. Just wait for me to make my way to you. Let the sun rise onto a new day. Let the broken be fixed. Let the depression be taken away, but I can hear the screams below, calling me to let go. We’ve faded even farther, and I don’t know who I am anymore. Find me, remind me, hold me. I keep crawling towards you, but my mind is playing tricks on my heart. The beating stops and starts. I can feel the life draining from my body. My vision goes white. My memories flash as every neuron fires, but then a perfectly vivid image of you appears before my eyes, and I awoke, began coughing up sand, stand and run. Let the sun rise today, let the anxiety and depression be taken and thrown away. I no longer hear the screams below, only your angelic voice. I’m not worthy, but somehow you accept me, somehow you see me for me and don’t leave. Take my hand and don’t let go. I don’t want to never go back to that place, which I’ll never speak of again, so you’ll never know the hellish trap I was bound in. I kept crawling towards you but found that my strength was failing, but there you were. Adrenaline allowed me to stand, as I covered my eyes to see through the sunshine. It’s not my love. It’s wasn’t who I wanted to see. It’s who I never wanted to be, me. So, I fell to my knees, and your gentle hand rubbed against my unshaven face, until I fell forward, giving up, ready to die, but there’s a rescue flying across the sky. I attempt to raise my hand, closing my eyes, as I wait for the sound of the landing, but then I hear it pass right by.


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