Hazel Eyes

Freely said words are just a reflection of our emotions. They move upward and downward; how I express mine, such as tone, pitch, and volume, is a work in progress, and I assume always will be since it’s a human emotion. Life is hard, but when it gives you lemons, you demand more! Because quitting isn’t what you were made for. I’m sorry, but you’re destined to make your own destiny, while your hazel eyes still get the best of me, but loving you wasn’t healthy, and none of that is your fault. I’m the one with the issues, but I’ll cut through my demons and move onto what I choose to do, instead of simply what I am required to. Relatability would be a useful asset when assessing patients, but there’s so far to go that I don’t know if I have the patience, but if I didn’t give it my all I could never deserve you and would never forgive myself for such sickening dictating. Yeah, I know that there’s another guy you’re dating, and I hope you both the best, but until there’s a ring, I’ll still be patiently waiting, as we talk every day and you somehow convince me that you’re even more perfect in every way, today, every-day. I’ll always respect you. You’re honestly my best friend, so, no matter what, I already win.


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