This darkness is familiar, but I haven’t been here in forever. You’ve been dancing all alone in the darkness, and your new partner is much better than I ever could be. You sure have been productive during our time apart. I avoided showing you this because I didn’t want to clean up the shards of shrapnel from the bombs that you carefully placed, then detonated on my heart, but this will become consuming, the guilt will tear me apart if I don’t kill it from the start.
Self-preservation is key when you’re a coward running from the unknown of everything. Self-destructive is no way to be, if you’re not a coward running towards every fight you see, you could change, but it’s not what you want, instead of making other’s bleed, you choose to be blind until you’re prepared to truly see. You wallow and isolate, medicate, but never really improve. It’s time to stop believing the lies of what you believe you could never be. You have no idea the potential inside of yourself, or me. Use your pain to help other’s through theirs, whether that’s mental or physical. You’re not permanently broken. You’re fixable.

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