The smallest things, affection, acceptance, affirmation control our world. Our perceptions are what we see but no ones are the same. If you’re told your trash, you’re entire life, you’ll, most likely, start believing it, when it’s not even close to the truth, only a mirage that you have control of, but just don’t have the skills to use, but you can easily learn to. Patience is required. You can’t change the way you think in a week, but you can do it, and the longer you wait, the longer you suffer.

I made the mistake of self-medicating and just burying my issues, but the voice is still there, so he must still be alive, whispering the false to the lost. I go numb, except for the guilt, but my emotions are gone. I can’t feel them. I simply didn’t have the direction or information, which is why isolation is dangerous. Sitting with your false thoughts just implants and roots them deeper into your subconscious.

The words are like kudzu, they grow and spread so quickly that you can’t keep up, faster than you can uproot the problem until you run out of cover-up, and are back at rock bottom, or deeper, I know it’s hell and you feel stuck. You may have chains on, but you can learn to make a key and finally be free.


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