If you…

If you were to leave, you’d be taking a piece of me. If you were to fade away I would be unable to not follow and stay. The more I learn about you, the more my desire and curiosity grows. With every word, you wrapped your hand around my heart, giving meaning to the blood that flows. Even though I know how it goes, I wouldn’t change anything about you. Your hair is like strands of fire, ready to ignite into a bonfire that cannot die. Your touch is like cotton and silk put into one, nothing can compare, nothing can be so comforting, but I understand why it’s I that you rejected.  It took me too long to go to battle with my issues. As years passed by, I thought that medication was the only answer when it’s just a crutch, a tool to minimize the fear so I can expose myself to social settings, a personal hell I wouldn’t recommend, something that was far too long belated.  Why must you torture me with images of your perfection? At the same time, I am thankful, because, even though I know how it ends, I also know how wonderful it was when we decided to begin when I exposed my soul and you saw the failure and sin, but wrapped it so that nothing would leak out from within.  And now, you’ve gone from a woman to the desired woman and lastly a dream. I know it will never come true, and that you deserve much better, but I hold to hope that our lives will somehow be intertwined. I don’t think I could live just leaving you behind. Even after the fall, after I thought I knew how it ended, I would redo it all.


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