The Beautiful Woman and Disfigured Man

My strength is defined by you, or the lack of chasing something with such beautiful, comparable to the rarest of fallen stars, still set ablaze, and with one look she can make every person stop, and stand stunned, while amazed.

I know that I’m not good enough for you. I admit that freely, but if I were at fall for someone, it’d be someone with hazel eyes such as your’s, they’d be short enough for me to poke fun at, when they can’t reach the top shelf, someone who’s unselfish and always willing to help. Someone who could still, somehow look stunningly sexy, when, on Christmas, I dress up as Santa and she as an elf. If I wasn’t alone, I’d want to be with someone like you, but in all of my years, I’ve learned that there is nobody that makes my heart beat quite like you do, no one that can make me happy with a notification, and smile at endless memes. I wish that I were closer to the you, more intimate, holding you as you fall asleep, knowing its real and not some dream or movie scene. Sadly, not all of us are destined for greatness, just the eyes to wittiness her achieve it with someone else, which I try not to think about, because you deserve more than any mortal man can give you, even if you, yourself, don’t even believe that it’s true.

Nobody, has ever adored you as you deserve, with every atom of their body and unknown places deep inside of their souls, long for your touch, before growing old. No one has held you and truly loved you unconditionally, so you hide your face indiscriminately, behind a talent for makeup, but now you’re confidence in yourself is growing and your self-worth is showing. It’s still nowhere near your value to me, but any better is such an accomplishment and an absolute joy to have had the honor to watch and see! I don’t know much, but I know that you are meant to be happy, and you will be. If there’s one truth I can say, it’s that I pray for your smile to overpower your sadness everyday, and that others see the absolute beauty that you have inside, and outside, to display. Hazel heaven, voice of a siren, molded by God to be the perfect human being, in my mind, to torture me with fantasies of what can never be mine, but instead of hurt, because I want more of you, I’m content I have any at all. At least ill always be at rock bottom, ready to catch you, if you too start to ever fall.

With Love Always,



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