Wood Burning

On this page, I will be posting all of my wood burning projects. I love this hobby so much. It’s become something I do, at the very least, twice a week. If anyone ever wants something made, directly email me at omydangsblog@gmail.com!

This project is one I made for my sister, who is obsessed with the show “Grey’s Anatomy!”

Wood Burn

Here is one I made for my therapist who loves “Marvel” and “Spiderman.”


These are some keychains I made.


Batman keychain

I made the next one because who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland. Well, the animated picture!

Alive in Wonderland

I made this one for my favorite local vape shop.


I made one of “Batman,” because, well, I love “Batman!”

Batman Wood

Lastly, for now, here is Jack and Sally from my favorite childhood movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Jack and sally

I have decided, since Halloween is coming up, to wood burn all of the horror icons, classic and new! The first one is the new version of Pennywise the clown!

Here is my next installment in my Halloween horror icons project! It isn’t perfect, but it’s Jason!

After six hours, Freddy is finished! Freddy from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was a Nightmare to make, but I think he turned out well! He was, by far, the hardest project I have made, and he’s still not perfect.